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​Best Golf Rangefinders Under $200

​​Let's not waste time and jump right into what are some golf rangefinder you can get under $200. We have filtered and listed our top 5.

1. TecTecTec VPro 500

​If you are familiar with golf rangefinder market, you may know that ​VPRO 500 is #1 seller in this category. It stood the test of time and took the position of the best seller.  It has over 2000 satisfied customer in Amazon and receives over 4.2 stars out of 5.

So, if you are looking for a trusted and established rangefinder than you cannot go wrong with this model.

Features of the product

It is a premium golf rangefinder of Tectectec company, and it comes with many beneficial features. When it comes to built quality, this device has a water-resistant body and through the lens display. Through this display, a player can easily read the data because of its ultra-clear and multilayered optics. You will also get the measurement fast and conveniently because of the built-in “continuous measurement mode”. Lastly, the battery indicator is also being displayed in the lens itself.

The device range is not so exceptional compared with other rangefinders in the list. It has only 540 yards range which can be little less for those players who visits a large golf course frequently. Other than that, this rangefinder is perfect for a small to medium golf course player.

With new and improved Pin Sensor technology the device can provide fast and accurate measurement within +/- 1 yard with a 6x magnification. It will help you to find the distance to flags, trees and hazards by which you get a comprehensive idea of the surroundings.

The device only weight is 185 gm and measures just 104*72*41 mm. So, it can be easily carried around when you are golfing and playing your best shots with your friends.

Primary benefit/s of using the product

The primary benefit when it comes to buying the device is that it is the most trusted rangefinder in the market. Also, the consumer reviews tell us that this product has exceptional battery life on an average of 10 rounds with new batteries. The company will also provide you lifetime customer support with 2 years manufacturer warranty.

Our Opinion

With the features that are provided by this device, you cannot go wrong buying it. The only drawback with its range and absence of slope feature the VPRO 500 does not have many cons to point out. From build quality to technological facilities it provides, your game can be improved easily by using the device.

2. Saybien Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder

​​Saybien is a company who is known for the unique rangefinder models they manufacture. Their positive reviews are growing day by day for which they worked hard and are giving a toe to toe competition with well-known golf rangefinder brands. 

We choose this particular model from this company because of its many premium features. You will know when you read further in this post. It has many high-end features that give the product an edge over other models. It is competing for a neck to neck with already established golf rangefinders.

Features of the product

The main benefit of using this device is that it has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You need not change the battery from time to time. Like a mobile phone or iPod, it can be recharged anywhere and anytime. Now, you may be thinking of the battery life of the device which is a very reasonable question that comes to anyone mind. According to our research and customer reviews, it lasts for 7 to 8 rounds in one quick charge. In short, the battery life is outstanding!

The second premium feature is that it has an exceptional range of 1200-1300 yards which is way higher compared to Vpro 500’s 540 yards.  A high-quality built-in optics and with a 2mm objective lens it has a capability of 6x magnification that provides a crystal-clear picture to users. Also, not to forget that this laser golf rangefinder has an accuracy of +/- 1 yard.

You can use 2 modes in this device with a quick scanning feature. Mode 1 is they called “Straight Line Distance” and Mode 2 is “Slope Adjusted Distance”. In simple language, mode 1 provides you with the option where you can turn off slope feature to only gauge precise distances to objects. It is done to comply with USGA Rule 14-3 where it says you cannot use a device which measures slope. The second mode as the name goes, it is self-explanatory in nature. 

The device weight is 6.5 oz or 184 gm which makes 1gm lighter than Vpro 500. When it comes to portability, the device size is  105*72*40 mm. The device is water resistant as well and can be used during rain according to the real user experience.  But, we still recommend you to keep away from heavy water splashes.

Lastly, with the flag lock technology, when a pin is acquired, it gives a buzz to make sure that you don’t get a distance to the trees behind and you can lock onto the flagstick instantly.  We think it is a very high-end feature which can be found in an expensive model of rangefinders.

Primary benefit/s of using the product

Because it is not a very popular golf rangefinder people tends to underestimate this device. We think with the price tag it comes with and the premium features it offers you cannot go wrong buying this model of Saybien. With the 1200-1300 range, you can use this device for both hunting and golfing.

​Accessories that come with the product

The product comes in two colours white and black. With the box you will get the device itself, a charger, carrying case, microfiber cleaning cloth, wrist strap and a user manual.

Our Opinion

We will highly recommend getting this product just because of the whole package included in this model. The company do not have the popularity like Tectectec or Bushnell but it is growing, and their customers are happy too. With the current price tag, it is only a couple of dollars expensive than Vpro 500 but with every dollar spent you are getting something new with this model.

​3. ​Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder

​​CaddyTek is a company which mainly manufacture golf push cart, and CaddyView V2 model is there only laser golf rangefinder you can buy from them right now. We choose this model because under $200 we thought it to be a better fit for any golf player who is looking for a quality golf rangefinder. It has received 4+ rating in amazon which can be considered a good score for a company which mainly deals with pushcarts.

Features of the product

Inside this rangefinder, we will not say that you will get over the top features which will excite you about this model and makes you buy instantly. But, you will also not be disappointed selecting the device. It can provide you with a maximum of 800 yards range with 6x magnification and +/-1 yard accuracy. Yes, the range is less than Saybien, but you have to consider that the CaddyTek company is well established than Saybien and will provide you with better customer service. Besides that, if you go purely for the features, then we will suggest you should go for the Saybien model listed above.

The Caddytek ViewV2 model comes with a slope feature which can be turn off quickly by the company patented “Mode Switching” feature. It will basically allow you to switch between Non-Slope and Slope compensation distance display. Due to this, CaddyView V2 can also be used in tournaments.

The body of this model is IPX4 waterproof designed. It means the device can bear minor splashes of water, but we will not recommend you to use during the rainy day.

Another striking feature of this product is the flag seeking technology that can be very helpful to get the distance to the flagstick. With this feature, it ignores behind the green objects and gives an accurate measurement to the flagstick. 

According to paper, the device weight is less than 8oz or 226 grams. To run it you will be required 1 CR2 battery. Now, the big question, “How much the battery last with the device?”. Honestly, users reviews have said it is not so great. You can expect to get 36 – 54 holes with a brand new battery. If you are going to use it frequently than we will suggest you should look for some other models listed on our website. Besides that, a golf player who is not so consistent with his game can easily use the Caddytek model because of its other features mentioned. Also, it will be a little cheaper than Saybien or TecTecTec models for him.

Primary benefit/s of using the product

Other than price, we did not observe any standalone thing that comes with the product. It will be a little cheaper than most rangefinders with every possible built-in quality and features that a high-end rangefinder provide.

Accessories that come with the product

With a manufacturer warranty of 1 year, the device comes with a carrying case that has a nice snap/Velcro back strap wit ring that attached easily to a bag.

Our Opinion

We will say that this is a rangefinder comes with every feature that a golfer wants to be included. But if you consider the battery life, it will lose a point to other rangefinders mentioned already. It all depends on your daily usage of the product and the budget as well. It is comparatively much cheaper than expensive rangefinders that provide almost the same feature but with a higher price tag.

​4. ​​TecTecTec VPRO DLX Golf Rangefinder

​​Yes, an another TecTecTec golf rangefinder in the list. The reason is simple; it is an updated model of the company. Also, it fits right into our budget and comes with a price tag under $200. A trusted brand, with sufficient amazon ratings and with updated design plus features made this particular model qualified to enter into the list of our best rangefinder.

Features of the product

The first improvement made in this device over VRPO 500 is the range. The device comes with a 600 yards effective range with +/- 1-yard accuracy. Another development is made on the build quality. We can definitely say that VPRO DLX model is made out of better quality material than VPRO 500.  Also, with VPRO 500 you don’t have the option to choose other than manufacturer’s default black colour. But the current VPRO DLX (deluxe) model gives you the opportunity to choose between 4 colours.  The colours are Black, Red, White and Silver.

It comes with a Tectectec standard ultra-clear multilayered optical lens for a more unobstructed view.  Multilayered 6x magnification with diopter adjustment makes the look more comfortable for both nearsighted or farsighted users. It will provide you with a bright display when measuring the object which can ultimately significantly positively affect your game. 

With three different scanning modes, the VPRO500 will give you confidence in every situation. When it comes with overlapping targets, the Pinseeker mode will help you measure the distance to the pin and wooden areas which will boost your confidence in finding the length. Another mode Tectectec provides they called it First Target Priority mode. Through this mode, you will get the distance of the closest object which will give you an idea to the distance to the flag on a green with woods in the background.  Lastly, the third mode is called Scan Mode that can be helpful when checking the distance of hazards and we hope you will stay out of it!

According to our research and findings, we have found that the battery life of this product is above the average. Again, it always depends on personal usage. But, as far we can tell you will not have a headache for battery replacement because on an average the device will provide 5-6 rounds with a new battery. Not to forget, the device takes CR2 V3 battery type to run.  Little side note, the standard practice suggests that you should always carry an extra pair of battery in your golf bag.

Primary benefit/s of using the product

We will say that the primary benefit of using this model of Tectectec is because it is a new model with redefined design elements for better user experience. In the paper, you may not see much difference than VPRO 500, but internal components are improved and enhanced.

Accessories that come with the product

As you may already know, Tectectec provides all the required accessories with the product and also with a 2-year warranty. Accessories include a premium case, free CR2 battery, wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth and a quick start guide for easy setup.

​Our Opinion

According to us, if you already have the VPRO 500 model, then it will not be a great update. You can stick with your current device. But if you are planning to get one with a trusted brand behind it than you can shoot for VPRO DLX model.

​5. ​​​Boblov 650 Yards Golf Rangefinder

​​If you have already read our main article about the best golf rangefinder than you can also see there a Boblov rangefinder model. But do not confuse this model with the one that is listed on the other article we have. This particular model of Boblov is little pricier than the other one. Do not worry! It still falls under $200 range. ​

Features of the product

The first striking feature we see about this product is that like Saybien model listed above it has a built-in rechargeable battery.  It is a 3.7V/800mAh battery. Now, these all means you do not have to change batteries if you buy this device. You can charge it just like mobile or tablet. According to real user experience, the battery lasts very long with a single full charge.  Also, in the display itself, you will get a low battery indicator for convenience.

The presence of toggleable slope feature of the device is an unexpected move by Boblov company. At this price point, it is a noticeable feature that most companies hesitant to offer. Also, they also included Vibration combined with Pin Acquisition Technology. Through this feature, a user can get a quick pulse when locked on the target and ensures accurate distances to the target. By the way, you can turn off this feature if it annoys you while playing.​Some player prefer vibration function some not.

The device can read speed as well. You can target a moving object and can get a speed measurement by short pressing the power button. To give you an exact number, it can measure a speed between 20-300 km/h.

Lastly, as the name goes, the device will give you a 650 yards range with +/- 1 yard accuracy. The device is also equipped with a 6x magnification capability which we think is an awesome feature in this price point.

Primary benefit/s of using the product

As on paper, the benefits you are getting in this price point are remarkable. The toggleable slope feature, decent range, 6x magnification and flag lock technology are all features that comes with high end rangefinders. Also, the rechargeable function means you do not need to carry any batteries in your golf course. We will definitely encourage you get this device if you are looking for all the benefits of top rangefinders in small price package. Rest is upon you!

Accessories that come with the product

The device comes with a company provided USB charging wire, 1 carrying bag, a manual and a lens cleaning cloth.

Our Opinion

We think on a very lower price the company is giving a lot of features. That’s why this device definitely deserves top 5 spots in our list. But your expectation must be reasonable. Yes, the company is providing all the benefits of top golf rangefinders but the quality may be compromised while giving all these at a low price. If you are a person of going with a better build quality compared to a person buying solely what’s said in the paper than you should look at our other recommendations. Lastly, the device measures speed which can make it ineligible to use it in a tournament. It all boils down to your expectation and usability of this rangefinder.